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When Levitra is a sexual enhancer that has been brought to market in 2003 and since then the world has good effect. Even young patients can take levitra since the drug is well tolerated and shows few side effects. For 15 minutes after taking this power is the effect of an agent. By the composition of Levitra is suitable for diabetics. The advantage of Levitra is that it can be taken either on an empty stomach as well as on full and still lose no effect. However, it must be noted that in particularly high fat food and heavier, the effect can be used a little later. Levitra is taken with a sip of water without chewing.

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One of these power resources for the treatment of impotence levitra pills from this manufacturer Bayer AG The Potency Levitra is approved in Europe since the end of 2002 and has since been successfully used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Levitra fulfills two effects. Not only that sexual desire is increased but also the erection is enhanced. By inhibiting phosphodiesterase, the penis may take longer retain its stiffness, which has a positive effect during sex. Potency problems often show up the fact that the blood flow is disturbed and hindered in the penis. After taking levitra the blood can not circulate undisturbed only in the penis but it also stays longer, whereby the member remains stiff.

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Levitra has few side effects, so this sexual enhancer is so popular. But since it is a power means that can now and then to see some of minor side effects are. Rarely it can cause redness of the face, headache, back pain or a feeling of dizziness. Should show these side effects, Levitra should not be taken.

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